Jake Laura
Recipe for Success:
Evoking Motivation

Discover the driving force that leads to results.

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A guide to experiential knowledge to that which is the nature of results.

You will learn . . .

Instructions: Step by Step directions

This is an experiential understanding. It cannot be intellectualized, and it cannot be comprehended by reading or talking. 

In this recipe, you will discover a step by step approach to entering into “what is.” To experience is to understand.

The definition of success

To define is but the first and most important step. Many walk with a nebulous/cloudy understanding of success. Here we will take a bird’s eye view as well as a deep dive into understanding the nature of success and what it means to step into that unknown.

The secret sauce

The secret of all secrets is but so seemingly uninteresting and boring that many never come to realize it. It’s just too simple and it could never be that simple, they say…. But it is.

Come with me and discover it for yourself.

What is this – specifically?

In this work, Jake Laura speaks about the nature of success, what it is, and how to obtain it. Within will be ideas and information few will ever fully comprehend except those that witness this course and implement this method.

This is not to be intellectualize. Instead it is the experience itself that will be the true teacher.

This talk by Jake is simply direction, a recipe into the nature of what is known as success. 

In the end – it simply just fits.

A beyond simple approach – but let us not confuse simplicity with effectiveness. Within the scope of this talk you will find and discover knowledge and information that many fail to see. Fail to see because of how simple it really is.

Jake speaks on the subject and that nature of success giving a step by step recipe for discovering it experientially.

Yes – this talk is short – 30 minutes because that is all that it takes to effectively and efficiently communicate the true nature of results.

If you want to read a 1200 page book on success, then go do that.

If you want to experience success efficiently and effectively, there is this option which is now available just for you.

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