Jake Laura
Business 101:
Cultivating a Dollar

What I wish they had taught me in business school.

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What I wish they had taught me in business school.

You will learn . . .

Business 101

Mindset is everything. What does it really take to play the role of a business owner.

Learn from Jake on concepts and approaches that aren’t taught in school.

Thought Process

Beliefs -> Emotions -> Behaviors


Principles -> Strategy -> Tactics


See business for what it is. Bird’s eye view to a deep dive in understanding what truly is.

What is this – specifically?

In this talk, I will be discussing the basics of business. I believe that most of the people out there offering insight into business either are too advanced that they don’t remember or think it’s simply common sense when it comes to basic business 101.

Or the problem exists that these ideas are just simply not taught in business school.

I’d like to share my insights and what I have learned from being in the game for almost 2 decades.

Simply to comprehend. Sometimes it’s more about unlearning than it is to learn what business is and how it works.

Make Your Move – Ready, Set, Go!

This talk is a little over an hour. Insightful ideas brought to you by Jake Laura. Business isn’t complicated; it doesn’t take a 1200-page book to understand it. In this talk, Jake discusses the ideas and concepts he wishes he had learned in business school and what took many years of boots-on-the-ground experience before connecting the dots in a very real way.

You don’t have to be a pro to comprehend this talk. If you are in business, just starting out, or thinking about getting into business for yourself, this talk will save you much stress and turmoil. 

These are the concepts and ideas I wish I could tell myself 20 years ago.

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