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Bullshittin’ in the Room of 7 Mirrors

There exists this constant and persistent itch in our mind, and with it, this persistent desire for more – to know more, to see more, and to be more.

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Reality and what exactly is the nature of its existence?

In my experience, it almost appears that even asking this question is to be avoided at all costs by the many and only pursued by a very small few.

This constant and persistent itch that exists in our thoughts, and with it, this desire for more – to know more, to see more, and to be more.

I know that many of us are plagued by this desire to fit in, to just be normal, but we just simply can’t, we can’t do it. We don’t know how.

Alone and misunderstood, saying “Is everyone just a robot, simply regurgitating the ideas they came into, that were taught to them by some authority figure, or maybe simply what they hear and see and are told to think by the television? Can anyone out there actually think for themselves? Is anyone actually alive?”

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself that it simply isn’t fair – this thing called life, that which is the existence within itself.

I’m certainly not here to invalidate anyone’s reality – but that idea, that people can’t think, that no one asks questions, that no one has this persistent curiosity – it doesn’t have to be that way.

I think you’ll come to find that, often the limitations of our experience and the possibilities apparent, the opportunities, the choices, and ultimately the freedom that has the potential to exist, are merely brought into limitation by our constant desire to place everything in a box.

We place people within boxes, we place events within boxes, and we go so far as to even place God in a box.

Thinking we can comprehend, wanting to understand, wanting to figure it all out, yet this desire merely limits our own experience. And what we choose to define, what we choose to place limitations upon, ultimately this activity merely places limitations on ourselves and the potentiallities of existence.

What exactly is possible? That is a question I have asked myself for many years

That concept is something I believe you will come to find, in time, something that can never be fully answered or comprehended.

There are a lot of theories and a lot of ideas, a lot of models that exist in which to bring us a “map of reality,” a way of navigating what it means to exist.

Some maps are more useful than others.

What I have an interest in is opening a door within others, to remove these self-imposed limitations so that these individuals can come to find something more.

Introducing my online community, “Bullshittin’ in the Room of 7 Mirrors.”

First, we have to take into consideration that I’m old school, I first got involved with the internet in the mid-90s, and back in the day, we shared information in a very different way than how we do currently.

We used bulletin boards and forums, shared ideas, had discussions, and linked up.

I decided to recreate this old method of connecting while bringing some modern-day elements.

I’ve created this platform for curious minds to link together, connect, share ideas, and develop meaningful relationships that will help propel oneself into a more interesting and compelling future.

Here, within the scope of this platform, I’ll be sharing ideas, my courses, my books, and the material that I’ve created over the course of 15+ years.

We’ll be going over a lot of stuff, and I’d encourage discussion, debate, and curiosity.

But what is greater than that, is within this community.

You will be able to connect with like-minded individuals, people who are curious, who ask questions, skeptical in nature, wondering, what is all this?

I know personally, that some of the most impactful relationships that I’ve developed over the years have started in online communities, just like this one. And I think you’ll come to find that this is merely a stepping stone into something so much more greater.

I’ll be cultivating the platform with the specific purpose of developing connections, sharing ideas, and growing together. I’ll be teaching and expressing some of the best ideas I’ve come to comprehend as well as creating the infrastructure for the development of relationships with like-minded individuals.

“Bullshittin’ in the Room of 7 Mirrors” is the place for those searching for something more. For those that have an itch in their mind that is never satisfied, questioning anything and everything, and wondering, what is all this and what can I do with it.

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